June 6, 2011

Yarn: Pingouin France +, 50% Acrylic/50% Wool (DK) in Tweedy Blue

Needles: 4 mm / 6 US

Gauge: 4 sts and 8 rows per inch

Stitch Pattern: Gull Stitch

Source: BW1, p. 248.

Comments:  So if you ignore the number of purl background stitches between each cable, the main difference between this stitch and the Mock Gull Stitch from yesterday is that there are two extra rows of slipped stitches between each cable twist.  (And of course, traditionally, this one is worked with a cable needle, but given that there were only three stitches in each twist, I just cabled without the needle for most of this).  I like this version better, but then it may have something to do with the yarn - I always think that tweedy yarns were meant to be used in cable sweaters!   :)

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