Would the REAL Moss Stitch please stand up (aka: May 9, 2011)

Yarn: Berroco Vintage Worsted - 50% Acrylic, 40% Wool, 10% Nylon in Breezeway

Needles: 5 mm / US 8

Gauge: 5 stitches and 7 rows per inch

Stitch Pattern: Moss Stitch

Source: BW1, p. 11.

Comments: When I posted this version of moss stitch a few days ago, it was brought to my attention that there is some debate over what moss stitch really is (google it, and see how many versions you get!). So I consulted the stitch bible (aka: Barbara Walker's Treasuries of Knitting Patterns), and found out that I had been wrong all along!

Here is what I discovered (click on the pics for bigger images):

Seed Stitch
Cast on an even number of stitches;
Row 1: (K1, P1) to end
Row 2: (P1, K1) to end

Double Seed Stitch
Cast on a multiple of four stitches;
Row 1: (K2, P2) to end
Row 2: (P2, K2) to end
(I thought this one was moss stitch, but I guess I was wrong!)

Moss StitchCast on an even number of stitches;
Row 1: (K1, P1) to end
Row 2: (K1, P1) to end
Row 3: (P1, K1) to end
Row 4: (P1, K1) to end

Double Moss Stitch
Cast on a multiple of 4 stitches;
Row 1: (K2, P2) to end
Row 2: (P2, K2) to end
Row 3: (P2, K2) to end
Row 4: (K2, P2) to end

Does that clear everything up? :)


  1. That's fascinating. Nevertheless, when I first learned moss stitch (in 1968) from my Nan (who'd been knitting since about 1908) the stitch we worked is the one labelled above as "seed stitch". I think most English knitters of my age (ie 50) or older would say the same. I suspect that it is a similar phenomenon to the US versus UK crochet terms...

  2. I did wonder how the UK/US definitions would come into this - Barbara Walker is American, so clearly she'll be giving the US terms for stitches. But when I googled this (before consulting BW) I still saw a lot of inconsistencies in the definitions - although come to think of it, it did seem like the UK Moss Stitch is pretty consistently the same as what I've labelled as Seed Stitch, whereas the (North) Americans seem to apply the term to several different stitch patterns.

  3. I agree Rosie! And the one called 'moss stitch' was taught to me as 'double moss'.....always interesting to see evolvement. Vogue Knitting's version has the right side rows knitted across - so there's another one!