May 10, 2011

Yarn: Lamb's Pride Bulky, 85% Wool/15% Mohair, in Black

Needles: 6 mm / US 10

Gauge: 3 stitches x 4 rows per inch

Stitch Pattern: Twist-Stitch Waves 

Source: BW1, p. 124.

Comments:  This swatch is GIGANTIC - the photo doesn't convey that very well.  It's 9.5" x 8.5" total - way bigger than most of the other swatches I've made.  I wanted to use up the entire part-skein of yarn I had, and then it conveniently worked out that I only had to do 2 rows of the second pattern repeat to use it all up...  At least it will give some balance to all the itty-bitty swatches I've been making of late! :)

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