May 17, 2011

Yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Sport, 100% wool in Heathered Grey, plus some remnants of Karisma Superwash DK Wool in Black, King Cole (Superwash) Merino Blend DK in Raspberry and Olive, and Wendy Fusion Bulky wool/acrylic in Saffron

Needles: 3.75 mm / 5 US

Gauge: 6 stitches and 8 rows per inch, in the grey-only section

Stitch Pattern: Plain stockinette with duplicate stitch and french knot embellishments

Source: This is a portion of the Paisleys Block, from p. 78 of Knitting Block by Block

Comments: Don't you hate it when you catch yourself behaving in a way that is exactly how someone you know (in this case, a family member) often behaves, and when they behave that way it really pisses you off?  That's how I felt making this swatch at first - as I was picking out colours I had an irritating sense of my having pushed a (stupid) joke to the point where it was no longer funny, and I was now just being obnoxious.  A certain sibling of mine is notorious for such behaviour, and realizing that I do it too was not a pleasant discovery!  Anyway, this swatch stems from a discussion about whether or not one could actually knit paisley, and after arguing for the side that says "absolutely, it just takes a little colourwork", I happened to remember seeing this block in KBB, and then I couldn't not make it, even though the joke was very much over and done with (does the [not very PC!] expression "kicking a dead horse" sound familiar?!).  But of course now that I'm burning through all my stash making these swatches, I have only small amounts of random colours left, so I only had enough to make one paisley!  :) 

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  1. As one who was part of the original joke I would like to weigh in for the defense and say in no way were you too late to be funny nor were you being obnoxious! It was cute and timely and appreciated!