January 19, 2011

Yarn: Berroco Vintage Worsted - 50% Acrylic, 40% Wool, 10% Nylon

Needles: 4mm / US 6

Gauge: 5.5 stitches and 8 rows per inch - when its not being doubled over, that is.

Stitch Pattern: Pleating made with pulled up stitches in varying combinations.

Source: My new favourite knitting book, Montse Stanley's Knitters Handbook (the Reader's Digest version in this case), p. 151-152.  As with most instructions in this book, the explanation of the technique is very basic, which is why I decided to experiment a little bit.

Comments: I'm trying to find the best way to make wrinkles.  Not sure if I've found the best approach just yet.  :)

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  1. I love it! I feel terrible that I'm the one that dragged you into this and haven't done anything for it yet, but tomorrow I'm going to get some cascade 220 from work and get working on the body!