December 10, 2011

Yarn: Dale of Norway Heilo, 100% Sport-weight wool, in Black, Goldenrod, and Barn Red

Needles: 5 mm / 6 US

Gauge: 6.5 stitches and 7 rows per inch

Stitch Pattern: Steeking Practice Swatch with fair-isle patterning

Source: Improvised

Comments: I've been working on a Norweigan-Style Olympic Sweater for Mike for about 2 years now (it was started before, and supposed to have been finished for Vancouver's Olympics in 2010), and I really really wanted to get it done in time for Christmas.  All I had left to do was the steeking - the cutting open of the body-tube to make the armholes, and open a placket at the neck.  So this was my practice swatch - I knit it, blocked it, and then machine stitched it, all in preparation for the cutting.  I thought it was successful, and so I steeked the actual sweater.  And then, a few days later, I started sewing in the sleeves, and realized that the machine stitches were not holding, and that the sweater is unravelling.  It is now sitting in the Naughty Corner until further notice.

Not surprisingly, this disaster killed my knitting mojo for another few days.  :(

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