August 29, 2011

Yarn: Elann Peruvian Baby Cashmere, 60% Alpaca/30% Merino/10% Cashmere 4-ply, in Rose Heather and Peacock, and Elann Peruvian Baby Silk - 80% Alpaca/20% Silk, in Parchment

Needles: 3.5 mm / 5 US

Gauge: 7 stitches and 7.5 rows per inch

Stitch Pattern: American Beauty Tweed

Source: BW2, p. 39.

Comments: This is an itty-bitty swatch, because working tweed in 4-ply yarn is a real pain in the butt time suck.  :)  Its a pretty pattern though - I'm such a sucker for tweed, whether its in yarn form, or stitch pattern form!  By the way, I've used both of these Elann yarns for baby wear, and I have to say that I prefer the Baby Silk - its much softer than the Baby Cashmere, and seems to have less of a halo to it, despite having a higher alpaca content.  Maybe it has to do with processing? 

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