March 4, 2011

Yarn: Cascade 220, 100% Worsted Weight Wool, in Gris

Needles: 4.5 mm / 7 US

Gauge: 3.5 stitches and 5.5 rows per inch (after a severe blocking)

Stitch Pattern: Fir Cone

Source: BW1, p. 207

Comments: I never thought I was someone who memorized patterns - I can't give you the directions for a certain pattern unless I have it in hand, and can work out the next steps by taking cues from the previous row.  Then I started this fir cone swatch...  apparently, 2 months of working on this pattern in this christening shawl (scroll down to the end of the post) was enough to drill it into my brain for ever! :)  And in case you're wondering, I think it looks better in a finer yarn.

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