February 11, 2011

These took a little longer to post because I tried blocking them two different ways, and then had to wait for them to dry... 
Yarn: 100% Lambswool Tweed, from KingCraig Fabrics in Scotland

Needles: 4 mm / 6 US, and 4.5 mm / 7 US

Gauge: 5 sts x 8 rows and 4.5 sts x 7 rows per inch

Stitch Pattern: First 22 rows of Jared Flood's Guernsey Wrap, but only 34 sts wide

Source: BrooklynTweed.net

Comments:  I made these swatches to see which combination would work best for the Guernsey Wrap.  Turns out that neither one works best...  This yarn was purchased on a cone, and I think its meant for weaving or for use on a knitting machine.  Its oiled slightly, and once you wash that oil out, the yarn blooms and becomes really soft - but it also loses much of its stitch definition. (that's also why I had to block them twice - I steam blocked them the first time, but then I remembered that I actually had to wash out the oil to get a real feel for the knit fabric).  I think I'll keep the remaining 300-ish grams of this yarn for a sweater for me - maybe a little vest or shrug or something, that will be suitable for the spring weather that now seems to be upon us.  :)

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