January 4, 2011

Two today, because the first one is so teeny!  :)
Swatch A
Yarn: The same random white DK yarn.

Needles: 4mm / US 6

Gauge: 4.5 stitches per inch; the 11 rows that make up these two ridges measure about 3/4".

Stitch Pattern: Stockinette Pin Tucks.  The ridges stick up about 1/4".

Source: I've seen several ways of doing this, in projects ranging from booties to garments.  I used the method found in this pattern from Garn Studio.

Techniques: Using pin tucks to add texture to knitting.

Comments:  More texture studies - this one is for "ridged".  (Actual size = 3.25 x 1.75 inches)

Swatch B

Yarn: All hail the random white yarn!  :)

Needles: 4mm / US 6

Gauge: approximately 5.25 stitches x 5 rows per inch. (slightly inaccurate I'm sure, given that its such a small swatch).

Stitch Pattern: Picot edging used mid-stockinette stitch: on the right side of the work, knit to the selected stitch, cast-on 5 stitches, cast-off 6, and then knit to where you want the next one (mine are spaced 3 stitches apart, and staggered on each row). 

Source: I improvised this, but I'm sure there are better instructions somewhere out there.  Its based on the picot cast-off technique.

Techniques: Texture is your friend! :)  Picot cast-off.

Comments:  This one is "spiky".  Can't you tell?  :)  (Actual size = 4.25 x 1.75 inches)

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